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she began to talk of that wonde●rful land, of the mystery of the desert, the ins■crutable gods of granite and Karnac b

rooding ●over the ghost of Thebes. She sp■oke from wide knowledge and symp●athy. An allusion here and there ●indicat

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ed how true a touch she ha●d on far divergent aspects of life●. Apart from her radiant adorableness● which held him captive, she possessed a m●ind which stimulated his own so long la●in sluggish. He had no

t met befo■re the highly educated

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woman of the worl●d. Instinctively he contrasted he■r with Corinna, who in the firs●t days of their pilgrimage h●ad dazzled him with her attainments. She ha●d a quick intelligence, but in any mat●ter of

knowledge was soon out of her de

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p●th; yet she exhibited singula■r adroitness in regaining the● shallows where she found safety in abiding. Luc●illa, on the other hand, swam ser●enely out into deep blue water. From e■very point of view s

he was a goddess■ of bewildering

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